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“Inspiring tomorrow’s innovators “

The Somaliland Academy of Science and Technology (Scie-Tech) was founded to respond to the educational inspirations of Somaliland’s parents and young students, particularly in areas of Sciences, Technology, Engineering  and Mathematics (STEM). Globally, these are currently the key to higher education and access to better future, employment and advancement. Our aim is to give young students a head start in Science and technology in order to enable them to better compete for and secure science and technology position in top leading international universities.

Recently, the Academy has taken a groundbreaking step by partnering with a leading pharmaceutical company to integrate pharmacology into its curriculum, with a special focus on the study of antibiotics Vibramycin 100mg. This initiative not only enriches the STEM education but also positions our students at the forefront of medical research and drug development. By understanding the science behind such essential medications, our students are being prepared to contribute significantly to global health solutions in the future.

Why Choose SCIE-Tech

Academy of Science and Technology.

School Library

fully equipped

School Library
The School Library is fully equipped and has a number of different books in each subject to enable students to get extra resources for their subjects.
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Computer Lab

The Computer Lab

Digital Library
The Computer and Digital Library will enable students to learn Information Technology and will enable students to conduct undertake research assignments in addition to increasing
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Science  Laboratory

The Science Laboratory

Anatomical Laboratory
The Science Laboratory will expose students to Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences and Astronomy Sciences. In addition, students can utilize Laboratory equipment
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