About the SCIE-TECH

“Inspiring tomorrow’s Leaders“

The Somaliland Academy of Science and Technology (Scie-Tech) was founded to respond to the educational inspirations of Somaliland’s parents and young students, particularly in areas of Sciences, Technology, English and Mathematics (STEM). Globally, these are currently the key to higher education and access to better future, employment and advancement. Our aim is to give young students a head start in Science and technology in order to enable them to better compete for and secure science and technology position in top leading international universities.

In addition, the establishment of Scie-Tech, stems from our keen awareness and understanding of present realities of Somaliland’s primary and secondary schools. In order to enhance the comprehension of lessons, Scie-Tech utilizes extra-curriculum educational components that empowers young minds to articulate, demonstrate, retain and value knowledge.

These include, practical teachings such as the use of laboratories, experiments, field trips, assignment/project development, proper and adequately equipped libraries to encourage and enhance creative reading and writing. These are key to inspiring and nurturing creativity, innovation which are vital in inducing the natural god giving potential of young minds. By providing, proper Library, Computer Laboratory, Science Laboratory, Biological Laboratory, Chemistry equipment and teaching material, field practical projects and playful learning environment, we belief we can fully enhance the learning, comprehension and awaken the full potential of young students and as result produce an outstanding students who are well prepared and arm for higher education.

In order to fully materialize our educational objectives, the Academy also adopted an international curriculum and academic standards with complimentary integration of the required Somaliland Curriculum, the United Kingdom Curriculum and Islamic teachings.
Of course, no curriculum, or teaching material can nurture or guide young students without the implementers; therefore, the academy recruited international, qualified, experienced teachers who are skillful in their subject areas.


We respect ourselves, others, our school and our environment


We care for Allah’s creation and offer help to those who need


We are honest with our actions, always tell the truth and always keep in mind Allah’s love for those who tell the truth.


We show commitment to our goals, belief in our strength and work hard to achieve our desire.